Underwater Jobs

Inspection and Light Construction

Underwater Structure

If you have structures and equipment that are underwater, you may have run into challenges when it comes time to evaluate or repair them.   A diver has the ability to get well below the surface to bring the human element right to wherever the problem may be.

Between myself and the ROV,  even deep targets are likely in reach.  I can acquire images along with my impressions of what I see below based on what you asked for me to inspect.   I also have the ability to mirror my imagery to a second tablet so you can follow along live as the inspection occurs. Should the need arise, I can take care of light maintenance issues as well.

Pipes under water

Object Recovery

Blueyes Below boat recovery

If you spend time on major bodies of water, it’s quite possible that you may find yourself in the unfortunate position of having dropped something you really would like back.   That’s where I can help.

I have located objects as small as a camera, and as large as a boat.  If the object is small enough, I can just bring it back up for you.  If it is heavy or deep, I might need to assemble a team once I locate what you lost.   If you really need to get it back, Blueyes Below can help.

Blueyes Below boat recovery