Partnership Opportunities With Blueyes Below

There are thousands of shipwrecks left to be found in the Great Lakes, and it takes time, money, and talent to find them. The boats burn a lot of fuel and equipment is often specialized and expensive to purchase and maintain. Partnership helps Blueyes Below stay on the water with strategically upgraded equipment which makes the challenge of finding shipwrecks a little less difficult.

We could be partners if:

  • You have a client (or prospective client) you would like to treat to an amazing and unique experience that they will not forget. I can tailor that for you.
  • You want to reward employees (or even customers!) for hitting certain metrics within your company. I can create a unique experience for them.
  • You want your social media to get out of a rut and get eyeballs again. I can work with your team to help them create unique content or we take your instructions and create the content for you.
  • You always dreamed of finding a lost ship but didn’t even know how to start. I can include you as a member of the team for whichever search expedition you support in the current season.
  • You want product placement in my social media and videos. I can integrate that into our activities.
  • You have a product that I use and like. We can look into affiliate partnerships.

Those are just some ideas to get you thinking. If you would like to partner with Blueyes Below, let’s talk about how we can design a win-win opportunity that helps both of us meet our goals.

Since you’re interested, I have a special contact button just for you!