Partnership Opportunities With Blueyes Below

There are thousands of shipwrecks left to be found in the Great Lakes, and it takes time, money, and talent to find them. The boats burn a lot of fuel and equipment is often specialized and expensive to purchase and maintain. Partnerships help Blueyes Below stay on the water with strategically upgraded equipment which makes the challenge of finding shipwrecks a little less difficult.

There are two ways to become a partner with Blueyes Below. We are always looking to work with organizations through sponsorship partnerships.  We have a very large and growing social media following and the capability to provide unique content just for you.

For individuals who would like to help us find and document these shipwrecks, Blueyes Below offers subscriptions through Facebook for $4.99 a month.

It’s a way you can help us find, locate, and identify one of the thousands of ships while accessing subscriber only benefits.  Its a great way to get behind the scenes access and special content.