Drone Pilot

When nothing but a birds-eye view will do, you need a drone pilot. I am a fully licensed, experienced pilot who can get the views that you need.  The drone can be flown from land or off of a boat.  If you need to get a nice, top-down look, contact me below.

Property Flyover

Need to figure out where to put your hunting blind?  Maybe you want a better perspective before you do a major build on  your property.  Getting that eye-in-the-sky view could be the difference between good placement and excellent.

Evaluation Flyover

If you have a structure that is hard to see the top of, consider having a drone get you the view you need.  Perfect for those hard-to-reach places and will give you an idea of what the conditions are like up there. 

Badger Ferry photo by Blueyes Below


Perfect for capturing images that will live up to your memories.  Whether it’s your house, property or some other place or activity special to you, an image from above will be a unique and treasured item in your life for years to come.